Hi my name is Talor Stewart.  I design single and multi-family homes and communities for people who live a conscious lifestyle.

My services are for individuals who want to live by their values.  I help do that by shaping the outer enironment to support and encourage your lifestyle choices and goals.

Combining the best of East and West, I apply the practical science of architecture and construction while incorporating the eastern arts of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra to design spaces well suited for intentional living.  
Talor Stewart
  1. Master Planning
    Master Planning
    Every property has a highest and best use. Evaluation of site, any existing structures, surrounding environment, economic climate, human demographics, building codes, zoning regulations, and financial goals and considerations are some of the more common factors to consider when evaluating how best to develop. Whether a parcel of raw land, or improvements are already in place that need additions, renovations, or demolition to make room for new construction, the connection between your goals and maximizing a property begins with right evaluation.
  2. Multi Family
    Multi Family
    Living in community can be a powerful way to create resident connection, owner cost efficiency, and environmental sustainability. I have worked with private investors to increase revenue; on public housing authority projects to improve tenant satisfaction; with intentional communities to create a focused living setting for residents who share common lifestyle choices and goals. Additionally, advances in technology in sync with increased energy costs make creating long lasting, sustainable "green" communities more feasible than ever before.
  3. Custom Homes
    Custom Homes
    There is something special about having a home designed around your personal lifestyle preference and goals. If you have ever had a suit or dress custom tailored or fitted you understand the difference between generic off the shelf design, and form fitting custom design. It all comes down to flow and connection. A space can help or hinder your natural rhythm and movements, creating ease or friction. When there is flow, a space creates more connection. Connection to each other, to ourselves, to our sense of spirituality, our environment, our community, our world.
                  Contact me for a complimentary discovery session to explore your goals.  I'll listen, ask questions, and give you ideas.  Let's explore your vision.  What would you like to build?
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